Workday Service Partners

Workday ecosystem has an impressive global reach. This page allows you to interactively view locations of Workday, and its Service Providers on a global map. Countries are colored based on their GPD values.

Details about the data

Workday lists addresses of all of its offices throughout the globe. It also lists its authorized Workday Service Partners, who too list their own global locations. By plotting all of the addresses (well, almost all of them) of Workday and its Service Partners, we can visualize key areas where Workday's services might be easiest to get. Furthermore, by overlaying it over GDP per capita data, we can see countries with most promising opportunities for Workday to expand.


Few quick disclaimers:

  • Workday has some partners who are truly global, and have presence throughout the globe. These companies also provide many other services in addition to Workday implementations, so listing all of their global locations might not reflect their true Workday focus. So, I excluded companies such as Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Hewlett Packard, PwC, Mercer, NGA Human Resources, Tieto, and Capgemini. I did focus on all other 25 smaller companies listed as authorized Workday Service Partners.
  • Workday still lists Day Nine as a separate partner, but it was acquired by Accenture in September 2016. Click on the following image to navigate to an actual interactive map. Blue dots represent Workday offices. Purple dots represent offices of Workday Service Partners. Countries with highest GDP per capita are shown in dark green, while those with lowest GDP per capita are shown in light green colors.


Click on a country to see GPD per capita. Click on blue dots to see details of a Workday location. Click on purple dots to see details of Workday Service Partner. View it full screen by using icon in the top right corner of an image.

Data as of 7/1/2017. Source of data: & websites. The following Workday Service Providers were not included because of their already large global presence: Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Hewlett Packard, PwC, Mercer, NGA Human Resources, Tieto, and Capgemini. DayNine is listed as a service partner but was actually acquired by Accenture.